20 Nov 2012

Use adb wifi without rooting for Android phones

Well, if your phone is rooted already, it's very easy to use adb without USB cables. Just go to Google Play then search for "adb wifi", you'll see several apps which can help you with your rooted phone.
But if for some reasons, you don't want or mustn't root your phone (because of the warranty or the phone is not yours...), and you hate debugging your app with the cable plugged in your phone, well, there's still a workaround for you (but it still requires to use the USB cable once or twice)

  • Connect your Android phone with your  computer by the USB cable, and make sure you have adb and required drivers for you phone installed on your computer. Then type (this command tells adb daemon to listen over Wifi - port 5555):
  • adb tcpip 5555
  • Okay, now you can plug out your USB cable and throw it away (just kidding, you'll might need it in case you restart your phone or you pull out the battery...). Now you have to find your phone IP, go to Setting -> Wi-Fi -> Select the Wi-Fi network your phone is using, then you'll see the IP address. Now on your computer, you have to connect adb to your phone, for example, IP address of my phone is, I'll do it by this command:
  • adb connect
  • Then you'll see message "connected to", now your phone is connected to adb wirelessly. If you want to use adb over USB again, connect your phone to your computer then type in cmd or Terminal:
  • adb usb

That's all, good luck!


  1. The only reason i want to connect over wireless is because my phone's usb port is broken.

    How would I connect ADB without ever using a cable (without root)?

  2. uhmmm, I'm sorry, I think you cannot do anything with a broken USB port, because:
    - I believe if you want to root you have to connection your phone to computer by a cable, so you'll definitely need a working USB port.
    - And if you want to connect to your phone wirelessly without rooting, you still need to connect your phone to a computer through a cable AT LEAST ONCE to run the command "adb tcpip 5555"

  3. Hello, I am typing here to thank you because you have made me go one step further with your details. All the other websites did not mention that you need to calibrate your TCPIP port before doing this. However, I am still failing to get the image shown on my device. The CMD console shows that the image is transferred successfully, but the phone doesn't show the image afterwards.

    Screenshot :


    1. hmmm, that's weird, may I know what app did you use to browse photos?

  4. Thank u i am debugging without usb...


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