21 Dec 2012

[Windows 8] Input method still remains after removing it?

Well, I've upgraded to Windows 8 recently, I tried to install Vietnamese input language method, but then I didn't feel like familiar to it, so I decided to remove it, well, everything was okay at that point.
After that, when I was working, I noticed that there's still Vietnamese input language method when I click on "ENG" button on task bar, that's weird, right? Afterwards, I searched and tried many ways (I even asked on a big forum: to remove it but couldn't help... until this post:

- Just add Vietnamese (or the language which you want to remove), then remove it again!

Hope it can help you out :)

[UPDATE -20130612]
Oh yeah, as I commented below, the above solution doesn't work, but today, finally, I got rid of it.
Actually, I almost surrendered and I have been having to stand it until today. I was starting learning Japanese, so I added Japanese Input Method to Language Bar and I got 3 entries English, Vietnamese, Japanese. The problem is using Windows+Space to switch between those 3 entries is really annoying, so I had to work my ass off on this problem once more time. And lucky me, I found this thread:

After reading it, I took a look at my startup programs and did some "trial and error", logging in/out several times. Finally, I found out that "Unikey"  (a Vietnamese Input Method software that I was using) is the root cause of the problem, whenever it's started, it adds a Vietnamese entry to Language Bar - that sucks!

Well, I had been using Unikey for years, but at that time, I had to give it up! But then fortunately, after googling, I found another app which can do the same awesome job but DOES'T add anything to Language Bar, and it's:

I had been using that app on my Android phone, but didn't know it's also available on many other platforms, of course, includes Windows.

So... finally, after a very long time, my problem is solved completely xD

And one more thing, just a thought... that guy, TranKyNam is awesome indeed, he has a few other apps than gotv that I haven't had chances to try, but they looks cool also. I will definitely remember his name xD