30 Jan 2012

Free Grep tool for Windows

It's findstr, which is already available in Windows (XP), did you know?

To get more details, you can refer this link:, or  type this command in the Command-line:
findstr /?

Here's a typical example to show how to use:
  • If in the Terminal of Unix you type:
grep -R "hi there" \data
  • Then in the Command-line of Windows you can type:
dir /B /S C:\data | findstr /f:/ "hi there"

28 Jan 2012

First post

It's always hard for me to write the first post of a new blog, and this time is not an exception. So to get over it, I will give you some links about me and this blog:
  • Here is the link to about page of this blog
  • And here is the link to my home page where you can find more information about me
Okie, now is 12:52 AM here, it's time to sleep, so bye...