17 Nov 2012

How to install and config Smartgit + Git +

  • Download install Git:
  • Download install SmartGit:
  • Add SSH public key:
    • Generate SSH public key if it hasn't been created
      • Open Git Bash -> Generate SSH public key by typing: ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "" -> Public key will be located in folder "~/.ssh/"
    •  Add SSH public key to
      • Open -> Account setting -> SSH keys -> Add Key -> Add content of "~/.ssh/" as a key
  • In order to be able to push, you have to config your name and email, open Git Bash, type:
    • git config --global ""
    • git config --global "Blah Bloh"
  • Clone a project (choose SSH, don't choose HTTPS, otherwise you will not be able to push properly by SmartGit - Actually, I don't know why, it took me a few hours to realize that, but I still can't explain why now lol):
    • git clone
  • Add project to Smartgit:
    • Project -> Open Repository -> Choose your project folder -> Next...


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