8 Jun 2014

9GAG - TV's iPhone app like animation on Android

I'm always a huge fan of, and recently, they released a version of for iPhone with very cool animation. When I saw it, it aroused my curious, so I tried to implement it on Android, and here is what I've got :)

You can grab the source code here:

A side note: This is just a simple implementation I have made in a few hours, I tried to reuse views for cards bust just in a very simple way. I believe that this sample can be improved to hook with a custom Adapter to create a completed widget for Android, but I don't have enough of time at the moment, so if any of you have time to implement it, feel free to give me a pull request.

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  1. Hi, thanks for your tutorial. One more thing, please i need two Image Button click to swipe right and click to swipe left code like 9gagtv in android. Please can you help me....thanks in advance..


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